General Remodeling Contractor in Longview TX, East Texas

Omni Construction was founded in 1980 by Danny Lee. Working from his garage, he spent the first two years doing small remodeling projects and rental property maintenance. By the third year, focus shifted to insurance repairs and the business grew steadily. In early 1986, the company moved to 305 Enterprise St., Longview, Texas, but a railcar explosion in December 1987 destroyed that building. By midsummer of 1988, the present facilities had been built at the same location.

Omni Construction has continued to provide disaster relief services to East Texas during such events as tornadoes in Ore City, East Mountain, Kilgore, Henderson and Marshall. An ice storm in the mid 1980’s paralyzed East Texas. Omni repaired dozens of homes damaged when frozen water pipes ruptured. When a train car exploded in West Longview, doing more than six million dollars worth of damage, Omni was a primary contractor in the repair efforts over a twenty-five mile damage radius. When fire broke out at the Lively Olds-Cadillac dealership, doing hundreds of thousands in damage, Omni rebuilt the facility in less than three months. Bodacious Barbecue West on Hwy 80 was closed down when a speeding truck ran through the building destroying the front, dining area, and kitchen. Omni had them back open for business in only eleven days. When a large hailstorm struck East Texas in 2000, there were 20,000 homes damaged. Omni repaired hundreds of them in the first year alone. A large ice storm followed the hailstorm, sending trees onto rooftops from Longview to Marshall. Again, Omni Construction provided disaster relief for homeowners and businesses.

Omni Construction has also contributed many hours of labor and many dollars in support of such community projects as Operation Clean Sweep, Kids View, Buckner Charities, Windridge, and the Inspiration House. The Company has volunteered for projects at local churches, schools, Gregg County Fair grounds, the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Corp., Disability Services of the Southwest, Junior Achievement, Longview Ambucs, Great Texas Balloon Race, Rotary Park, Truman Smith Center, Greater Longview Soccer Association, Dixie Youth baseball fields, and many others.

Omni Construction has grown from $50,000 in annual sales to over a million, employing hundreds of craftsmen and laborers since 1980. The company has completed over 5,000 construction and consulting projects. Repairs have been made to structures damaged by fire, flood, storm, wind, hail, tornado, lightning, explosion, vehicle collision, vandalism, poor drainage, falling trees, ice, burglary, black water, foundation settlement, sub-slab leaks, toxic mold, insects, vermin, domestic pets, farm animals, gunfire, and a dead possum.

Omni Construction has been the designated repair contractor for such insurance companies as CAN, Commercial Union, General Accident, USAA and others.

Our Goals

Our most basic goal is to satisfy our customers while still making a profit. There are many elements that contribute to that basic goal.

Management Philosophy

Since 1980, Omni Construction’s management philosophy has been to seek out the most qualified craftsmen and subcontractor/associates available for our remodeling and restoration team. We stress commitment to quality and integrity in every aspect of our construction operation. This dedication to excellence has continually resulted in top quality construction and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Omni Construction’s philosophy has been tested and proven over 25 years of service, helping us become one of the largest and oldest remodeling and restoration companies in northeast Texas.

Every project is carefully planned and manned with hand picked personnel, best suited for your job. Our management team will spend the time to learn your needs and goals for your project. In-house supervision, demolition and carpentry crews allow for the best control of quality, cleanliness, and timeliness. Our fleet of trucks are equipped with a full compliment of the latest in construction tools and supplies to insure delivery of the best product in the shortest time frame.

Our subcontractor/associates are experts in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and countless other fields. We can meet any residential or light commercial need you may have with experience and expertise. Omni Construction goes to great lengths to find associates who are not only qualified and talented, but moral and ethical operators as well. These are the standards that set us apart from the crowd.

Our Organizational Structure

Omni Commercial, Inc. is a regular C Corporation that does business in 13 northeast Texas counties as Omni Construction.